Cracking crab legs.


Trying to eat a crab can be intimidating. Not to worry though, I’m going to teach you how to get at every morsel of sweet, succulent meat from every nook and cranny of the crabs cartilage AND I’m going to show you how to do it with gusto.

Ready? Trip the light and lets boogie down.

Get your shell cracking weapons prepared:

To avoid common slobbery when eating crab you are going to need the right tools for the job. A sharp pair of cooking shears and a long metal pick is all you need to extract the meat. Grab a couple of bowls -one for the discarded shells and one for some warm lemon water for dipping your dainty fingers in. If you are not going to eat the crab as you pick it then you are going to want another bowl for the crab meat. Now you’re all set.

Separate the claws and legs from the body:

This is the part where you can act like a caveman for the next thirty seconds. Assuming that you have a cleaned crab,  grab the crab, with a firm grip, and break the body in half. Now starting with the claws break them away from the body, then, do the same thing with the legs.

Eat the body:

The crab’s body is full of honeycomb cartilage but it’s easy to pick off the shells and the meat usually comes free in large lumps. This is the prize meat of the crab and also the most expensive when it’s sold separately. All the meat in the body is edible so work your way through until you have devoured every last morsel. Your picks will come in handy in the hard to reach areas.

Eat the legs:

The legs have a tough shell and will need the cooking shears to cut through. I like to start with the small ones and work my way to the claws. Using your scissors cut each segment of the crab’s leg and pick out the meat with either your fingers or your picks. Use your picks to get at the meat in the knuckles. Continue with all the crab legs eating them as you go.

How to Eat Crab Like a Lady
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Method to the Rad-ness
  1. Separate the legs and claws from the body.
  2. Eat the body.
  3. Eat the legs.



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