The Best Crab Soup Recipes

Crab bisque from MarylandNo Risk Bisque

Sometimes we eat a meal that is just so wonderfully concocted that it’s not like eating as much as it is like having a romantic encounter with your taste buds- a ” mouth-gasm” I like to call it. It’s like listening to music that brings you to tears, laughing until your belly aches, or … something else… read more here.



Easy Corn and Crab Chowder

This simple corn and crab chowder soup will help you relieve the burden of kitchen stress. The flavors work together as a team to accentuate the crabs tastefull talents. Done to perfect completion in record breaking time, seven minutes or less.     read more…




Crab Stew is a One Dish Wonder

If you want to solve puzzles and dazzle your dinner guests with your sick skills then I suggest you hop on board the Stewwy train. Because from my experience Stews are the one hit wonders of the world, and this recipe is just that.     read more…




Dungeness Crab Soup

Who knew that a crab soup recipe could be so rich that mouth holders return on investment is at an all-time high. With a wealth of buttery flavors and a shiny pot loaded with delicate sweet meat, this crab bisque is a food insiders trading secret.     read more…



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Crab Soup Recipes
These crab soup recipes can be eaten at the start of your meal or as your main course.
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