Freshly cooked crabThis is a simple how to cook crab guide that even the beginner crabber can use.

Cooking Crab yourself can be intimidating, especially for first timers, but with our easy how-to guide we’ll show you exactly how to cook every crab species worth your while and make you feel like a master chef in the process.

There are a few types of crabs that fancy up our dinner plate. Some you catch yourself. Some you can buy live from a fish monger and others come frozen pre-cooked whole or just the crab legs.

It’s typically easier to cook crab legs that are frozen and already dead, but if you have never had a fresh crab then it’s worth your while to spend the extra time with preparations because fresh crab meat is the best.

Below we show you all the ins and outs of how to cook whole live crabs and crab legs.


Cooking Live Crab:


Cooking crabs alive – This can be a bit of a challenging feat because live crabs are feisty but the scrumptious rewards make the undertaking worth your while.


Once you have your crabs cooked whole, you will need to clean them before you can serve them for dinner here’s how…



Cooking Crab Legs and Steaming Crab:


Cooking Crab Legs – Crab legs are relatively easy to prepare because they are purchased pre-cooked. All that is needed is to defrost them and you have a pretty dam good meal. But crab legs should be better than that. Read on and we’ll show you how to kick pretty dam good in the ass.


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