They call it Cthuken, Craturktopus or Feast-Beast for easier pronunciation.

That Disgusting Thing You Saw on Twitter Has a Pretty Tasty Explanation


I’ll give you a moment to figure out what is really happening on the plate and really absorb the creature so it haunts your dreams tonight. Also, if you need a moment to mourn the loss of our dear friend Octopus, take as long as you need. I feel the same.

It’s your typical Thanksgiving stuffed turkey. The stuffing consists of an entire octopus and king crab legs. It is then basted with bacon strips (not nearly enough bacon in my opinion ;) )

The creator of this masterpiece is Rusty Eulberg from Lubbock, Texas. According to  it was a Thanksgiving dish created to wow his close dinner friends. After they got over their fear of having their face sucked in to the vortex, they ate it and said it was quite good.

I would imagine there are a lot of creative chefs out their trying to come up with the next Turducken and this seems to be the most creative. However, I think a Halloween meal would be more appropriate for my friends and family.   It would give me great pleasure to serve this dish just to see the freaked out looks of horror on their faces.


Never again will I take an internet hiatis because this happened in early December and I’m just learning about it now.



[photo via Rusty Eulberg via @damana]


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