Spicy crab dip with jalepeno

Here is our best of the best crab dips for your making and eating pleasure. These Crab dips are carefully hand picked for supreme awesomeness.


The Greatest Cheese Crab Dip in all the Land

Just like the hokey-pokey this cheese crab dip is what it’s all about.

Do you want the exact recipe for awesomeness?  Well look no further than down at the bottom of this page.

*If you are not a lover of cheesy, melt in your mouth, glorious gooey guts bursting at the seams of flavor power, then this may not be your exact recipe for awesomeness and you should leave immediately cause we don’t like your kind around here much. Now go get the cheese crab dip recipe.


The Four Food Group Crab Dip Recipe

This crab dip recipe will be brought to your table in twenty minutes or your money back garantee.

My philosophy is you can never have too many easy, quick to prepare twenty minute meals in your arsenal and this crab dip is just that. A twenty minute meal with all the fixin’s.

What? Crab dip is not a meal, you say? Oh contraire moon friar…

With all the glorious ingredients that builds this into a culinary masterpiece you would be hard pressed not to serve this dip with a knife and fork and call it supper! The chunks of crab meat and all the vegetable chunks would put Campbell’s soup to shame. Now go get this crab dip recipe.


The Best Crab Dip, Now With Smoked Salmon

This just happens to be the best crab dip recipe ever!

If you have been invited to a pot luck appetizer party and are looking for a fantastic recipe with all the wow in the entire universe, then I’ve got an amazing recipe for you. Not only will you find yourself with more dinner party invites than your schedule can handle, you will also recreate your reputation as a master chef of grand proportions. Now go get the best crab dip recipe.


The Best Cold Crab Dip Recipe Ever

The best thing about this cold crab dip recipe is that you can eat more than your share and have no guilt about packing on extra pounds. So if you have just finished a hard work out in your jazzercise class or you’ve been sweating to the oldies with Richard Simmons then this is the best reward.

Here’s to good health, low calories and zero carbs!

If you spread this on top of cucumber slices instead of crackers it becomes a refreshing healthy snack that is suitable for most weight loss diets, like the South Beach Diet, Atkins or the now popular 17 Day diet. Now go get the cold crab dip recipe.


Cajun Crab Dip

Here’s our rendition of what you gotta do to have a rockin’ dinner party. First off you need to have some left over crab meat from your feasting the night before. (Hopefully your glutton-self saved enough crab to make a cup and a half of meat.) Next off you need to set the tone with some uppity music…I like Eliza Doolittle, “Pack Up’” in particular. Now for the alcoholic bevies o’ plenty, choose something with zing to go nicely with the zang of this crab dip recipe. Now go get the cajun crab dip recipe.


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