Crab legs fresh and cooked

How to Cook Crab Legs

Life without legs would mean pant sales would plummet, the stair master/treadmill industry would suffer, dogs would be dragged when taken out for a walk and santa would have no stockings to fill. Thankfully we have legs and so do a lot of creatures of this earth.

Why not celebrate the legs of all creatures by treating yourself to a crab leg feast every once in awhile.

Now that you have a cleaned crab and the legs are removed from the body there are four choices (kind of like a choose your own crab feast adventure):

  • You can let the crab legs thaw and eat them as is.
  • Steam them.
  • Bake them.
  • Grill them.

Steaming is the best way to infuse the crab with flavor, but sometimes we want the rich smoky flavor that you can only get from a grill.


How to Steam Crab Legs

This is a great method of re-heating crab, whether it`s been previously frozen like King crab and Snow crab or if it`s been cooked and saved for later. The flavor of the crab won`t be jeapordized if you steam the crab when it`s entirely frozen either.


Items for Steaming:

  • Crab Steamer- for cooking King crab and cooking Snow crab
  • Vegetable Steamer- for cooking Blue crab, Dungeness crab and Red Rock crab (Just make sure the lid closes tightly)
  • Tongs-invest in a great pair of tongs, you will use them often as a crab chef.
  • Seasonings- Could be anything from herbs to coconut milk. Check out our Steaming crab leg recipe page for ideas.


Method to the Rad-ness:

  • Add water to the steaming pot so that the entire bottom is filled with water, but doesn`t come past the steamer level. Don`t over do it with water though, you wouldn`t want to boil them again.
  • Add salt or any other seasoning of your desire.
  • Bring your steamer to a boil on hight heat while covered.
  • Reduce heat to low-medium and add the legs.

*Steaming from frozen – 15 minutes to 20 minutes

*Steaming completely thawed and cooked – 10 minutes to 12 minutes


BBQ-Grilled Crab:

Let the legs thaw completely otherwise they will turn into bland tasting cardboard. I don’t know why it happens, but you should trust me on this.

  • Pre-heat your Barbeque to *350 and put your thawed legs right on the hot grill. I like to spray the legs with some olive oil so they get licked by the flames for a richer smoky flavor.
  • Close the lid and leave them for eight minutes to ten minutes.
  • Remove them from the grill and serve hot.


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