Cracking Dungeness crab at a crab feast

Crab Feasts Rule! Any kind of feasts rules, the more gluttony the better they are.

Here are some feasting etiquette to live by:

  • Eating utensils is optional.
  • Licking your fingers is mandatory.
  •  Dress in a shirt that is appropriate to wear crab seasoning, juice and what-have-you.
  • This is the only occasion in life where butter is allowed to drool down your face and remain unchecked for the duration of the feast.


Some simple planning can make your crab feast run smoothly.


How many crabs do you need?

The number depends on the types of crab you choose for your crab feast and whether you choose to serve any other food to compliment the crab. Below is a recommended starting point without adding any extra protein to your meal.

Dungeness crabs 

If you are serving Dungeness crab a good rule of thumb is to have one crab per person. If you are having seven people over for feasting then make sure you catch or buy eight good sized crabs.

Blue crabs

A bushel of Jimmy (male Blue crabs) is usually between 60 -70 crabs. A bushel will feed 10 – 12 people easily.

Red Rock crabs 

One and a half Red rock crabs will make one person very happy.

King Crab legs

One leg has enough meat for one person. This is a luxurious crab feast that I would love to be invited to.

Snow Crab legs

Economically, this is the best option. Yet, it’s still awesome. Two –three crab legs will be enough.


If you are a rookie at hosting a crab feast, then find out your crab cooking how-tos here and plan accordingly:

Cooking Dungeness Crab

Cooking Blue Crab

Cooking Red Rock Crab

Cooking King Crab Legs

Cooking Snow Crab Legs

You will want to cook the crabs in batches. Steam or boil half the crabs initially and let your guests work away at picking through the meat while you cook the rest of the crabs. This way everyone starts and finishes with hot crab.

Make sure your table is covered in newspaper and have mallets, crab picks and crab crackers on hand. A big bowl of warm lemon water with a hand towels per guest is also helpful.

There are plenty of foods that compliment crab meat nicely. I start my guests off with a light summer salad.  I like to keep the crab as the main event and serve food that can also be eaten with your hands such as corn on the cob and dinner rolls to sop up the muck!

When the gluttony is over, simply roll up your newspaper-tablecloth, throw it out and digest your delicious food.




Crab Feasts
Crab Feasts Rule! Any kind of feasts rules, the more gluttony the better they are.
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