How to catch, clean, cook and then eat crabs.

 Crab fishing and loving Dungeness crabs


Do you want our top secret ninja fighting technique to help you catch, clean and cook these crazy, yet delicious crustaceans?

How about some super-fantastically-awesome crab recipes that will give you complete control over the whole universe?

You’ve come to the right place. 

Consider us the master and commander of all things crab. Catching -cleaning -cooking -eating.

That’s right crabs are our specialty.  Hence the best how-to-crab guide in the whole entire world wide web! We love sharing our knowledge and experience with you.

We have the answers to all your crabby questions.


We will let you in on our favorite types of crabs for our selected recipes and teach you how to catch them yourself.


We are such rock star trappers we once caught the gingerbread man in our trap. We make it easy for anyone to catch these feisty weapon wielding crustaceans.


Every tip and technique you need to get you up and crabbing we will help you with. You’ll be gearing up to go out and catch your own crabs for dinner in no time; saving you money, saving you time and stocking your freezer full of crabs.


Delicious crabs… oh how I love thee, let me count the ways, Dungeness, Blue, Alaskan King, Snow, Red Rock, Humbolt and Stone claws. Did I miss any? All delicious, all within your reach -if you acquire a couple of our self taught skills.


We’ll show you where you can seek out these tasty treats and what are the best fishing seasons for each type of crab.

Don’t want to catch’em or kill’em yourself? Not a problem. Check out the best places we recommend to buy fresh live or pre-cooked crab and the best canned crab. But we must warn you though, it’s pricey.

However, we have money-wise pages with a whole selection on cooking with imitation crab. Using our recipes it is possible to cook up a scrumptious imitation crab meal that every connoisseur will enjoy.


Visit our recipe pages and create the greatest appetizers and meals.  We have hand-picked the top crab cakes and rigorourly tested many of the best crab dips. Our proven winner chowder recipes are right here.

Follow our recipes and we will prove to you that cooking with crab is a great way to a healthy lifestyle.


It’s a party on these pages ahead and everyone is invited in the fun.

Everything you have ever wanted to know about crabs is right at your finger tips. So click away! 

Big smiles and high fives to all the crabbing stars!


New to Crabbing? Here’s two of our tutorials we made just for you!

Crab Fishing Guide 101

Come visit our fool proof crab fishing guide. We’ll teach you the ins and outs of crabbing for all the tasty crab types. Whether you want to catch Blue crab, Dungeness, Red Rock, even Snow crab and Alaska King crab we have you covered. Our results are guaranteed to get these crustaceans into your crab traps or we’ll deploy out crab catching fairies to help you out.

How to Cook and Boil Crab 101

Here is where you will find everything you need to know about cooking a variety of crab types. We show you our favorite methods of crab cooking including boiling, steaming, broiling, grilling, baking and preparation for recipes. If you want to make your crab feast spectacular then you need to visit this page for guidance.


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