Imittion crab dip served with a bagette

Welcome to the imitation crab dips page. All of these recipes are suitable for using imitation crab. Save tons of dollars by using mock crab instead of the real deal, you will barely notice in these recipes, I promise.


Cream Cheese and Crab Dip

If a cream cheese and crab dip recipe sucks, it will continue to go through its entire existence sucking.

It will forever be stuck in suck mode and remain awful and sucky until something comes along and changes it.

If it’s too tarty, it will tart.

If it’s zesting a little too much, it will continue to zest.

Too much hot spices equals too much fire to taste anything other than burnt crab victims.

It will remain this way until something intervenes and changes things up.

We in the crab recipe development industry refer to the agent of change as “the Tasty Crab Fairies” Now go get the cream cheese and crab dip recipe.


Four Food Group Crab Dip Recipe

This crab dip recipe will be brought to your table in twenty minutes or your money back garantee.

My philosophy is you can never have too many easy, quick to prepare twenty minute meals in your arsenal and this crab dip is just that. A twenty minute meal with all the fixin’s.

What? Crab dip is not a meal, you say? Oh contraire moon friar…

With all the glorious ingredients that builds this into a culinary masterpiece you would be hard pressed not to serve this dip with a knife and fork and call it supper! The chunks of crab meat and all the vegetable chunks would put Campbell’s soup to shame. Now go get the crab dip recipe.


Imitation Crab Dip

This Imitation Crab dip is full of refreshing and spicy surprises that tickles your taste buds in all the right places.

Imitation crab like any good master of disguise comes to your house and livens up the party. Here are three reasons why you should invite this imitation crab to your dinner plate/appy table and let the party begin.

  1. It’s cheap
  2. It’s good tasting
  3. It’s more fun to eat than watching Godzilla pummel your neighborhood ninja. (Wrong! A Godzilla/Ninja fight is way more fun—but make this delicious recipe to snack on while you are watching the main event!) Now go get the Imitation crab dip recipe.

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Imitation Crab Dips
Save tons of dollars by using mock crab instead of the real deal. You will barely notice in these recipes, I promise.
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