Use Crab Bait or Aquaman’s Super Powers, You Decide

Fresh salmon heads being prepared for crab bait

Scientist have been working on ways to transplant gills and webbed feet to humans. At the same time, studies are underway to translate and understand sea creature dialect. This break-through will make it much easier for crab fishing or any other fishing for that matter. Unfortunately it has been a slow process and the going rate for a pair of gills is just shy of a billion dollars.

So unless you already possess Aquaman’s superhuman strengths you’re going to need some crabbing bait.

Crab bait is the single most fundamental part of catching crabs and luring these scrumptious crustaceans to your crab trap or pot. The best type of bait to use is a fatty one. Crabs can pick up a whiff from miles away and head on over to your crab trap for a feeding.


Our top five best crab baits to use are:

  1. Chicken skin with meat attached. It can be legs, backs, thighs and necks if there is skin the crabs will love it.
  2. One giant turkey leg. This is a delicacy as far as crabs are concerned they’ll side step to your trap in no time at all.
  3. A can of left over bacon and beef fat from previous cooking. The oil gets carried in the ocean water and entices them into your trap.
  4. A can of tuna in oil. Not our number one choice but an easy alternative and it does the trick.
  5. Fresh fish heads and fish parts. Despite popular belief crabs prefer fresh fish over rotting flesh.


Stuffed crab bait box ready for the trapOnce you have your crab trap / pot and bait the next step is to secure the bait into the trap or pot by wrapping with wire or tough string. The bait box works well, it’s easy to use, inexpensive and easy to clean after your catch.

 If you don’t have a crab trap picked out yet read this page here for some helpful ideas.



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