How to Properly Bait a Crab Trap or Pot

Chicken used as crab bait

When trapping crabs it’s all about the bait; the type of bait you use, it’s freshness and the amount. The location plays a significant role as well. Most people get all four of these things right, especially if they have read our quick and easy to understand crab tutorial. Once you know the basic feeding habits about crabs the rest of catching these tasty treats is common sense. Right?
Well sometimes common sense is not so common…
I recently saw a couple of guys crab fishing from a pier and fail terribly at it. Picture this, two buddies are out on the pier in the early morning incoming tide trying to trap crabs. (check) This paticular pier is a known hot-spot for crabs. (check)  While pulling up the trap I notice a nice sized turkey leg they were using for bait. (check) The trap they were using was a box, one-way door type. (A bit of over-kill for a pier but I’ll give them a check anyway) On the top of the trap, where the rope is tied to the box, they also tied the turkey leg there as well. (FAIL)
There was even a crab attached to that turkey leg for a good 3 seconds before it scurried back into the water! Those crabbers didn’t deserve to catch any crabs that morning. Stupid people don’t deserve to catch crabs.

Here is one way you can avoid being a stupid crabber:

  1. Use a bait box or tie your bait securely inside of the center of your crab trap. Make sure you don’t use so much bait that there just isn’t any room for the crabs to enter the trap.


Baiting a Crab Trap Properly Requires these Four Basics

    1. Use a good, fatty cut of meat. Chicken necks and salmon heads work great.
    2. Use fresh bait.
    3. Use a lot of bait. The more bait you use the more crab it attracts. But don’t over do it. You want the crabs to easily find their way into your trap.

Secure you bait inside the center of your trap.


To find out more about our fool proof favorite baits to use while crabbing you can check out our crab bait page here.



Baiting a crab trap
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