Crab fishing in cold weather.


Winter crab fishing is my favorite. It might be a little chilly but the rewards are worth it!

There really is nothing better than having your pick of the ocean all to yourself. Thoughts of any commercial crab fisherman/person are a distant memory as they have all packed it in long ago.¬† No other recreational crabbers are out on the water (probably too cold -wussies). Aside from the occasional hearty sailor, the ocean is free of any other traffic. It’s just you and a sea full of tasty crustaceans for you to catch.

This is the time of year when all the Dungeness  crabs have made a full recovery from the commercial crabbers and they are HUNGRY -scurrying along the ocean floor searching for any kind of tasty morsels they can get their claws on.

Its easy to catch crabs now. So easy that you might want to tweak some of your crabbing skills or check out other locations that you see others crabbing in at the peak of summer.

You will never find a better time than right now to experiment with your crabbing techniques. I made some recent discoveries about crab traps that I will be sharing in later post. Here’s a little spoiler though… I switched traps to rounded crab pots and gave away my old faithful square traps. I did this only after experimenting. You should be experimenting too.

Along with the types of traps, timing, bait and location can all be toyed with to recognize what really works for the crabs in your location. Modify your techniques to give yourself that edge when there is a lot of competition around in the summer.

I can’t emphasize enough about how crucial it is in the summer time to have your own secret crabbing spot on the water. Seek out a hard to reach location where the commercial crabbers are either less likely to go or where they find difficult to manage all of their traps. Once the commercial crabbers know of a hotspot they don’t leave until they have caught every last legal sized crab in the area. So if you want a summer crab feast then you need to search your spot out now.

Or… you could catch the crabs now and fill your freezer. Make sure you use our How to Properly Store Your Crabs Guide to keep your crabs fresh. It’s a worthwhile investment to buy a vacuum sealer if you plan on keeping your crabs for more than two months in the freezer.

Either way, if you go crab fishing this time of year you will be coming home with more crabs than you know what to do with.

Just get yourself out on the water and catch some crabs!


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