King crab.

King crabs are about the same weight as a three month old baby but not nearly as cuddly.

Lets pay a tribute to one of histories greatest crustacean leader. The high ranking King crab (also known as stone crab or Alaska king crab) is one of the most popular type of crab to eat. They are one of the largest, sweetest tasting and spectacular looking crabs in the world.

When you sit down to a meal of huge king crab legs or claws, you have all the riches in the crustacean world. They are the most sought after seafood item and crab fisherman risk their lives every season to bring these crabs to your dinner plate.

The Discovery Channel has a great series called “The Most Deadliest Catch.” It’s a great reality show that brings to light the survival skills needed by crab fisherman. These crabs are fished off the North coast of the Pacific ocean in Canada, and Alaska around the Aleutian Islands. But “The Deadliest Catch” focuses it’s show in the Alaska area only.

King Crab vs. Knight?

Wearing a coat of armour and equipped with massive claws of destruction even a dummy can figure out who would win a jousting match.

Most people don’t know that there are hundreds of different species of King Crab but there are only three principal varieties of crabs eaten.

Three types of Alaska King Crabs:


The Red King

The King of Kings. The Red King are caught in the waters of Bristol bay There are approximately a hundred crab boats with licences catching millions of pounds in only a 3 month season. Red King crab tastes the best, with flavorful tender meat comparable to nothing on this planet. Red King crab are burgandy before they’re cooked and scarlet red once they are cooked.


The Blue King

The Blue King Crab have gigantic un-proportional claws. They are caught in the Bering sea from St. Mathew Island to the Pribilof Islands. Identified by their blue highlights on a brown shell, cooked they are bright orange-red. Blue king has a milder taste than the Red but are a close second. They are also slightly less expensive than the Red King.


The Golden King

Caught in the Aleutian island areas. They could be on the cover of a fashion crab magazine they are such a beautiful work of art. Of the three Alaskan crabs the Golden is the least expensive because they are the most abundant. Instead of shipping frozen pre-cooked crab legs, upscale restaurants have just recently requested to have fresh live crabs shipped in.

King Crab
One of the sweetest of all the crabs is King crab meat.
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