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How to Catch Crab

If you go fishing to catch crab, especially if it’s the Dungeness crab type, not only are you providing an upscale meal, you are also saving a swack of money in the process. And it’s really simple to catch these crustaceans because there are crabs-of-plenty if you fish in the right areas. In fact, Dungeness crab was named a “best choice” on the sustainable seafood rating scale by Seafood Watch. Good for human health and doen’t harm the ocean. Now you can eat a healthy crab meal without harming the ocean environment. It’s a win/win!

Here’s our How to catch Dungeness crab 101 where even a beginner crabber will be luring these tasty crustaceans to their traps with ease.

When is Dungeness Crab Fishing Season?

Crabbing is a great family activity no matter what the weather, in fact in the non-summer months it’s usually the best season for Dungeness crabs. Unlike other species of crabs, there is no season for crabbing as far as the fisheries are concerned but check your local fisheries unless changes have been made since I posted this guide.When you go crabbing, you want to make sure that you are going when the crabs are going to be the most plentiful. For Dungeness crab, this means that the season is primarily from September to February, with best months being December and January, when you’ll find plenty of crabs crammed in your trap.

Where is the Dungeness Crab Habitat?

Dungeness crab get their name from the port of Dungeness, Washington. That being said, their primary habitat is off of the west coast of North America. They thrive in salt water, and the higher the salinity of the water the better they will survive. They like to hang out on sandy bottoms with eel grass. If you can find a sandy bottom with eel grass then more than likely there will be crabs. Your chances greatly increase if you are crab fishing close to a river mouth.

What type of Crab Pots or Crab Traps do I need to catch Dungeness Crab?

A good method to catch crab is in a traditional stainless steel crab pot or crab trap. The traditional crab pots have one way doors to keep the crabs in once they have entered the trap. They will last a long time, and some of them can hold quite a number of crabs. The bigger and heavier the trap the less likely it will drift around with currents. These traps will last you a long time, and will surely bring you enough crabs to get your moneys worth and make you happy for years to come.

What type of Crab bait should I use to catch Dungeness Crab?

Now this is a question that is up to some dispute. Every crab fisher has a favorite go-to bait they use and I’m no different. My personal preference is chicken, although I will always collect bacon fat in a jar, fish heads and trim and any other meat I have available. But you need to keep the bait fresh. Crabs prefer a nice fresh meal as opposed to a stinky rotten meat meal. Try a few different types and see what works best in your area.

Catching Dungeness crab is a terrific way to bring the fresh taste of the ocean onto your family’s table, and can turn into your family’s favorite tradition.

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