Types of Crab Traps and Pots


A square crab trap and a circular trap. Both are effective.


Pyramid, Triangle and Star traps:

These are great traps to use on piers and docks when you are actively involved in the catching process. These traps need to be checked often every 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Light weight and easy to set up, store and bait. These are economical traps.

These traps work by putting the bait in the center. As you drop these trap they open flat on the ocean floor (like a star shape) when you pull it up the sides close together forming the pyramid shape and the crabs are trapped. When you have a good catch it is the easiest trap for sorting and measuring your keepers.


Box Traps and Crab Pots:

A bunch of crabs in a crab trap with bait.Our Favorites. These crab traps are effective. Once a crab wanders in to to check out your crab bait they cannot leave (unless they are undersized, then they can slip through the cracks). The reason why these traps are so successful is because there are four one-way trap doors. This means you can set your traps out for a few hours, and your crabs will still be there.

Sometimes they are a little too effective; when you find an abundance of crabs in your trap. This is the best kind of crabbing problem to have. The tricky part is reaching into the trap and pulling the crabs out one at a time while not falling victim to the lurking pinchers.

The only downside is they are fairly large, about 2 feet X 3 feet X 1 foot, but they collapse to a flat rectangle.


Ring Net Crab Traps:

Another trap recommended for piers and docks and easily affordable is the ring net trap. This trap is not recommended if you are planning on boat crabbing unless you plan on hovering near the trap and checking it every 15-20 minutes. This trap is circular and lies flat on the ocean floor. Rope is fed through the smaller ring to the netting of the larger ring. When the trap is pulled the crabs are trapped in the sack.

Because of the large access to the bait, crabs find their way into this trap easily. This is the trap to use if you have any competition from other active crabbers.

When you are crabbing off a boat be sure to use a distinctive buoy that is easily spotted from a distance away and make a mental note of the area.

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